Ikke En Pind

ved Jonas Hallberg

Introduction text

Ikke en Pind concoct and build physical visual identities for the business world. Unique and innovative. Big on the exhibition stand, small at home, or the other way around. Project co-ordination in practice and details, including security and official approval. Ikke en Pind challenge the usual and produce inputs for the media plan, give lectures on productions and inspire creative courage to swim against the tide. Jonas “Pindhund” Hallberg is the brain behind the enterprise Ikke en Pind, and comes from a self-created position as creative TOP manager at Skanderborg Festival Club. Are you working with Ikke en Pind, you will be guided to think different and confront ‘the usual’ – hand in hand with curiosity, the use of friends and commitment. The task will be wrapped in an unconventional and fun process, with a sharp focus on presentation, details and the client’s bottom line. It is my personal goal to develop and stimulate imagination. Confront ‘the usual’, challenge the known and pursue the unique for specific measurable and non-measurable results.