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Bauhaus Toptunet budcykel

(Danish) Blinkfang i forbindelse med varehus åbning.


Koordinerende projekter

(Danish) Magien der opstår når Kunstnere og kunder forenes


Tiny Office

(Danish) Din arbejdsplads med dig overalt. God placering og ingen husleje


Illusionsfabrikken Tivoli Friheden

(Danish) En designet forlystelse som i sin enkelthed skaber begejstring


Milk City

In Milk City on Højbro Plads you could in the autumn holiday experience the classic white milk from the carton on the breakfast table in entirely new ways.


How Close We Are

The Soapstone & The Needle Eye was created as an impulsive artwork for the exhibition Sculpture By The Sea 2011. The sculpture was created within 23 days from concept to completion.

13.08.2005.Skanderborg festival

Can Sleep

Pioneering overnight accommodation facility with great interest from home and abroad


Verner Bryder A/S

(Danish) Depot for sprængfarlig kemi
En kreativ åase midt i Aarhus

Skærmbillede 2013-04-13 kl. 16.44.06

Exhibition Stand for Grundfos

The magic pumps – Enchanting Fair activity for Grundfos

Skanderborg 035

Bread Bubble

A sensory mobile for Hatting


Johnson Controls

Ikke en Pind produces in-house films and is reaping praise and awards in France and the U.S.


PoP UP Bar

2x20f container pop up bar. Party in a box