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15 Feb 2013 / in

Ikke en Pind and the network behind have great and many ears of experience with demanding productions. We work with short process and efficient action down to the detail.
When we can’t do it ourselves we work with the ones that can, but do not try to escape responsibility, and keeps the project in hand from the idea is born to the last car has rolled off the square.
We are good at documenting the process on film, in pictures and in measurements, as desired. We are happy to advise on alternative launching and marketing of the current project.

Jonas “Pindhund” Hallberg has a variety of own initiatives behind him, i.a. a peculiar story about the monumental pinprick, a castle, and a giant foot.

How Close We Are was created as an impulsive artwork for Sculpture by the sea 2011 in Aarhus. Speed art1. It was however far to impulsive and bold and was rejected. But not in Australia, where it was admitted to two exhibitions respectively in 2012 and 2013. Link to How Close We Are:

The Foot. We love determination and Speed art. In connection with Culture Night Aarhus 2011, a 12m long and 6m high wooden foot arose on Store Torv. Erected in 1 day by volunteers and financed by the locale business scene.
Facebook link to the webpage:

Almindeligborg. A ‘do it yourself’ castle that can easily be rolled out on a regular newer townhouse in the northern Aarhus. All it needs is to be designed as desired, printed, mounted on bar and rolled off the roof. In a flash – your own take-with-you castle.  I gave it the finishing touch with a home-made swallow-tailed flag from my good seamstress Kirsten Rasmussen.

We call it Almindeligborg and imaging; it brought in 100 kisses from the Princess as an unintended surprise ……