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14 Feb 2013 / in

The joy of climbing into or up in a cave has been with me since childhood. Sitting alone in one’s own unique fantasy world or in the safe company of others is what a special room can do. At the same time sending unique signals and messages that can be pinned on to personality or fire. What you see is what you remember. In cooperation with a large support base of talented designers, craftsmen and inventors, we build unique “caves” in the workplace. As office or meeting room, at public institutions or private. We build exhibition stands and decorate shops, even buses, in a way they have never looked before. Room in a room indoors or outdoors with a clear message. Desires and requirements are adapted in the project, where the customer is involved throughout this process and all materials is used, from used to high tech. Costume-made and unique right down to the smallest detail. Should we build your next “cave”?