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How Close We Are

11 Jun 2014 / in

The Soapstone & The Needle Eye – Speed Art that became the artwork How Close We Are. The public’s tribute to the initiative Sculpture by the Sea and to all artists on both sides of The Needle Eye. Can a creative urge, will and group solidarity create a symbolic representation of what is difficult in just a few weeks ? The Soapstone & The Needle Eye was created as an impulsive artwork for the exhibition Sculpture By The Sea 2011. The sculpture was created within 23 days from concept to completion, with help from a large group of effective entrepreneurs. An artistic ‘pinprick’, that unexpectedly honour initiative and doing. A loving and humorous attack on the phenomenon of rhetoric that doesn’t debouch into practice. In other words a response to stagnation… The Soapstone & The Needle Eye was, early in the morning on the opening day, placed with care and respect for the other artworks at Sculpture by the Sea 2011. The organizers were outraged by the energetic speed of the artwork and removed it with a telehandler after only a couple of hours. After a couple of hours, it was returned and erected again at Tangkroen, Strandvejens Baadelaug, where it was more than welcome. However, the organizers quickly discovered The Soapstone & The Needle Eye and, to the great astonishment of the people watching, had it promptly removed. Now the opening ceremony could continue without further unforeseen events. The organizers did not want anything to do with this artwork and the impulsive presence of the folk art. And with that message in mind a contact with the owner of Ydernæs (lille Marselesborg),  Jesper Øhlenschlæger, whose position was right next to the exhibition, was established. A week after the official opening of Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus we were able to celebrate an enchanting informal unveiling of The Soapstone & The Needle Eye in Jesper’s front yard. The event gained great public support and media coverage. The Australian curator from Sculpture by the Sea, Axel Arnott, came and so did members of the same crew that one week earlier had helped remove the work. Cans of beer were drunk and special needle-cake was eaten, all helping to create laughter and a relaxed atmosphere. T-shirts, key rings and postcards was completely sold out in the souvenir shop.  The profits from the sale were given to Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, as support for future SxS in 2013. It was the largest amount donated at the time (KKR 2600 and € 20) In 2012 the artwork has been lent to private donators who supports the project. Which is why you have been able to see The Soapstone & The Needle Eye in Rønde, Skanderborg and Hjortshøj. A new development. How Close We Are has now been accepted by Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney in Australia, autumn 2012. The Needle Eye is going to be exhibited on Bondi Beach right where SxS started, while The Needle Point is being positioned in Rådhusparken in Denmark. In this way connecting us with the world. A sensor, that registers each time someone passes through, is installed to The Needle Eye. For each signal we will see The Needle Tip in Denmark flash one time.  A simple mobile app is counting the flashes and thereby guests going through the eye. Additionally it will tell a short story of the two sculptures. 13.537 persons was registered during the exhibition period 18/10 – 4/11, 2012 The Needle Eye has been specially invited to SxS in Perth Cottesloe for the period 8/3-24/3, 2013 by Founding Director David Handley. The Needle Point will with certainty make an appearance somewhere unexpected. Everybody has the right to jump through the eye. HOW CLOSE WE ARE